How to I qualify for the Invitational?
The Invitational is open to those teams placing in the Top 25 in a class within the qualifying period.

How is the Top Twenty Five in each class determined?
The Top Ten in each class are determined by the total number of points earned within the qualifying period. Dogs earning at least one double Q or qualifying score in a Master Champion class are ranked as Master Champions and not included in Level I, Level II or Level III rankings.  Dogs earning at least one triple Q or grand champion points will be ranked as Grand Champions and not included in Level I, Level II, Level III or Master Champion rankings for that class.

My dog qualified in Shed Dog I. Do they have to retrieve?
The retrieve is a required component of the Showcase and Invitational. All qualifiers will run the same course in the first two rounds of competition but will be scored and placed only within their class. The top dogs from each class will move to the semi-finals and compete head-to-head with the winners of each of the other classes.

What is Best of Breed?
Best of Breed is awarded to the dog with the highest number of points earned during the qualifying period in each breed.  For the 2022 competition year, Top 5 Best of Breed Certificates will be awarded.

What is the Showcase?
The Showcase is open to dogs who placed in the Top 5 of their Breed or between #26 and 50 in a class but not receive an invite in that same class.  You will be notified by email and on the NASDA website if your dog is eligible for the Showcase.  Dogs will compete in the highest level they qualified for against other dogs at the same level.  The top 20% of each class in the Showcase will advance to the Invitational.

Let’s look at some examples:

Eddy the Australian Shepherd was the #3 Australian Shepherd in TL-II but did not receive an invite to the Invitational.  Eddy is eligible to enter TL-II at the Showcase.  Eddy is not eligible to enter the Invitational.

Herbie the Dutch Shepherd was the #35 dog in UL-III.  He was the Best of Breed Dutch Shepherd in UL-III. Herbie was also the #2 Overall Shed Dog Master Champion. Herbie is eligible to enter UL-III at the Showcase and Shed Dog Master Champion at the Showcase.

Spot the Dalmatian received an invite in TL-III and UL-II. He was also the Best of Breed Dalmatian in SD-I but did not receive an invite. Spot is eligible to enter TL-III and UL-II at the Invitational and to enter SD-I at the Showcase.

Simone the Mixed Breed received an invite in LI-II. She also was the Best of Breed Mixed Breed in UL-II, TL-I and SD-III. Simone is eligible to enter LI-II at the invitational and to enter UL-II, TL-I and SD-III at the Showcase.

Tango the Patterdale received an invite for TL-MCH and UL-MCH. Tango won Best of Breed Patterdale in TL-MCH and UL-MCH. Tango is eligible to compete in TL-MCH and UL-MCH in the Invitational. Tango did not win Best of Breed in any class where he did not receive an invite to the Invitational. Tango is not eligible to compete in the Showcase.

Francis the Working Kelpie did not receive an invite to the Invitational. She won Best of Breed Working Kelpie in LI-II and SD-MCH. Francis is not eligible to enter the Invitational. Francis is eligible to enter LI-II and SD-MCH at the Showcase.

For event information or to check your eligibility, visit

When do invites go out?
The 2023 qualifiers and invites will be announced January 31, 2024.  Invites will automatically display in each individual dog’s page on the Dashboard.

What is the Regional?
We recognize the challenge crossing international borders pose for many teams and in our ongoing efforts to celebrate the versatility of all our North American teams, NASDA is pleased to present the Regional Championship starting in 2024.
In years where the Invitational is hosted in the US, a Regional Championship will be offered in Canada and vice versa. The purpose of the Regional Championship is to provide an opportunity to celebrate the accomplishments of NASDA teams who might otherwise be unable to attend the Showcase and Invitational.

Are dogs competing in the Regional eligible to compete at the Showcase or Invitational?
The winners of the Regional Championship will receive an invite to compete in the semifinal or championship round of the Invitational that same year. At this time, a dog competing in the Regional in a specific class / level may not compete at the Showcase or Invitational in that same class unless winning a semifinal or championship bye.