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Every dog owner knows that dogs are able to pick up scents that don’t catch the attention of their handlers. One study estimated that dogs can pick up odours up to 100 000 times better than humans can. Historically these abilities were embraced and many breeds of dogs were developed to assist people in searching, hunting, and locating.

The North American Sport Dog Association (NASDA) was formed in 2016 to demonstrate the breadth of these olfactory abilities. Trials are designed to resemble both historic working and competitive field work as closely as possible. NASDA Working Dog Trials offer an opportunity for all dogs to engage in scent games previously open to only a select few breeds and working dogs. Competing teams can get titles and championships that showcase their merits and abilities within hunt and search situations.

NASDA aims to:

  • Encourage ALL dogs to play the exciting NASDA Working Dog events. This includes but is not limited to purebred, mixed breeds, companion dogs, or titled champions.
  • Provide a venue for all breeds to earn working-style titles in North America.
  • Qualify and certify judges so that working dog events may be held to consistent standards.
  • Maintain a registry of trial results and titles awarded.
  • Welcome physically challenged dogs or handlers.
  • Promote good sportsmanship both in and out of the ring.
  • Be a venue where dogs and handlers work together as a team in an atmosphere of fun and enjoyment while honing their skills and earning awards for or their efforts

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