This is a special titling opportunity in the face of quarantine during the current COVID-19 pandemic. The North American Sport Dog Association (NASDA) supports social distancing best practices, but also recognizes people’s desire to continue their performance training and titles with their dogs. As such, NASDA is offering a video submission titling opportunity with items available in the home.

All rules applying to standard NASDA events apply to online submissions. See the NASDA Master Handbook for breakdown of deductions and rules.

Video Requirements
Train at your own pace, and video when you feel prepared. After you have a video of what you feel to be a passing run, upload the clip to Youtube or Vimeo.

All entries require three elements:
Course walkthrough – including start line and hide location, as well as distractor locations
Hide type – verbal and visual verification, can be shown in course walkthrough
Run video – including behaviour at the start line

Complete an entry form for each dog. If you are doing multiple entries for the same dog, you can indicate the number of video submissions on a single entry form. Payment by PayPal.

Fee Schedule
New Dog Registration – $10
Single Entry – $10
Title Entry – $35 (all four video submissions for title made at the same time)
Re-try for NQ – $5 (if received within 7 days of the NQ email)