Urban Challenge Announced

You’ve probably heard by now that NASDA debuted the Urban Challenge games this past week at the 2022 NASDA Invitational and Best of Breed Showcase.  These events are available to host by all clubs in good standing beginning April 1, 2022.

The Urban Challenge classes are designed to test and challenge handling skills in Urban Locating.  The challenges have been derived and adapted from the Urban League.

  • Course Time:  2:00
  • Search Areas:  400 – 1,000 square feet
  • 2 Distractions Present (Food or Toy)
  • Empty Quarry Cage Required
  • All hides are blind
  • Only one set up per trial
  • Each class may only be offered once per day, except Urban Only trials where they may be offered twice per day.
  • Dog working false quarry / distractor for 5 seconds is a non qualifying score

Except when specified, all Urban Locating rules apply.

Urban Challenge points appear in your dog’s Individual Statistics:

Results from our first test events are now processing.  You can view results by clicking here.  Urban Challenge titles and Urban Versatility titles will appear in all new title reporting areas.
Urban Challenge Overview
We look forward to seeing you and your dogs soon!