Updates to the Online Lost Item Recovery Title Program

Continuation of the Online Lost Item Recovery Title Program

Effective immediately, the Online Lost Item Recovery is now a permanent part of NASDA’s titling program with the following enhancements:

Eligibility for Lost Item Recovery Level II at Trials

Dogs earning the Lost Item Online Master Champion are eligible to compete in the regular Lost Item Recovery Level II class at NASDA Working Dog Trials.  These dogs will also receive 500 points in LIR-I. These points will be applied June 1, 2020 for all dogs earning the MLIOCH title earned prior to that date and automatically for all new championship titles earned on or after June 1, 2020.

New Specialist Titles

The Lost Item Online Specialist title is an endurance-style challenge to test the dogs versatility and commitment to handler odour. There are four specialist titles:

  • Lost Item Online Specialist Fabric (LIO-SF)
  • Lost Item Online Specialist Technology (LIO-ST)
  • Lost Item Online Specialist Personal (LIO-SP)
  • Lost Item Online Specialist Small (LIO-SS)

Lost Item Specialist videos require 10 qualifying scores – 2 qualifying runs in each challenge listed below using items from that title’s category of search items (ie/ each Fabric Specialist item will be taken from the Fabric list). Each search must be completed in a new/novel search area. Search areas may be different areas of your home, training building, in the community, etc. You may not utilize videos submitted for individual level titles, but you may use the same items for multiple search challenges.

Title Statistics

The Online Lost Item Recovery reports and new title analysis are now included in the statistical reports on the NASDA website. They can be accessed here.


For additional information on the Online Lost Item Recovery Program visit https://nasda.dog/liotitle/